Friday, February 25, 2011

Engagement Party @ Hyatt

We did an engagement party at the Hyatt for
 Reina a couple of weeks ago.
A simple and beautiful party with shades
of white and green.
We used White Hydrangeas, Green Roses,
Green Amaranthus, Green Kale,
Green Cymbedium Orchids.

Monday, February 7, 2011

An all Time Classic or
a Pop of Color!!!

 These are a collection of soft palette bouquets which
have small details that makes every bride feel so special.
Wrapped in special beaded fabric or to add a some
Wow factor, white feather to spice it up.
Be it color that pop or a beautiful dress or an all
time classic white bouquet we can surely create something spectacular for you!
Thanks to Ellie & Mike from 1lookback Photography.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Beauty is not the face,
Beauty is a light in the heart.

Part 3 of our Fun with flowers, 
For our 3rd model and final model we wanted to touch 
both sides of the spectrum.
We wanted to use soft palette and a striking rich palette. 
For one pieces we used soft floral, like the soft pink cymbedium orchids and calla lilies and enhance her striking doe eyes!!!

For the 2nd piece we used rich colors, Chocolate Brown Cymbidiums,and James Story Orchids.
A huge Thanks to Jen Fellow and Flora Wade for the 
Photography and the make up!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pink isn't just a color
It's an Attitude!!!

Truly Pink is an Attitude and Miley Cyrus said it right!
It symbolizes childish innocence, pure love and a lot more.
No wonder most girls loves pink. 

We used this and tried to use the soft pink and hot pink colors to 
bring out the freshness and the femininity that most girls
 can associate with.
We used Hot Pink Calla lilies, Soft Pink Calla Lilies,
Pink Heather, Pink Cymbedium Orchids. 

Huge Thanks to Jen Fellow for the photography and 
Flora Wade for the Hair and Make up

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