Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding at Prasidio Park

Prasidio Park is a beautiful park for a wedding. 
The park is so rustic and beautiful a wild garden
looking theme would look perfect for the location. 
The ceremony was in the museum which 
had 2 beautiful arrangements very wild garden look 
with Kale's, English ivy, Scabiosas, Roses to make the arrangements. 
The Bridal bouquet comprises the same look a very wild looking style.

Monday, August 29, 2011

James & Kate's Wedding at 
Museum of Art in Balboa Park

Kate & James got married at the Museum of Art in Balboa Park.
 I can definitely say this that I have never meet 
with a Bride like Kate and here is why!!! 
When I spoke to both of them and were discussing color palettes 
she said she wanted her wedding to be colorful. 
I am very happy when a bride says she wants color! 
They I asked her as to what are the colors she is inclined to 
and she say every single colors that I could incorporate. 
She stumped me for a second and I had no words to say. 
Deep down I knew I was delighted she said every single color! 
We incorporated Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, 
Lavender, Orange, Green, Pink. 
Kate carried a bouquet with all white phalaenopsis orchids 
and very so fluffy and delicate Cataleya Orchids
I had a wonderful time designing the wedding 
and we wish Kate and James a wonderful married life together!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Karen & Ric's Wedding 
on Renown Hornblower

We had a wonderful time designing Karen Wedding. 
She chose the renow hornblower which is a one of the 
very classic boats on hornblower(All of them are amazing!) 
The finish of the boat has that antique wood 
which is very rustic and classic. 
Karen chose a very soft color pallete for the wedding 
with Ivory's, White's, accents of feathers. 
Karen carried a signature "ArtQuest Bouquet" 
which is long cascading white phalenopsis, gardenia, stephanotis. 
So long that it could almost kiss the ground. 
Her ceremony was full with White and Ivory Roses 
with white phaleonopsis orchids.
We wish Karen and Ric and wonderful married life together!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alex and Matt's 
@ MCRD Bay View

Alex and Matt's wedding was at the MCRD Bay View. 
Ceremony on the beautiful lush grass
 and reception in the rustic bay view. 
A soft neural color palette was chosen with combination
of ivory, soft blue white's and greens. 
We incorporated beautiful fluffy blooms of 
hydrangea in white, apple green and baby blue. 
Alex's carried a bouquet with white hydrangea. delicate butterfly 
like white phalaenopsis orchids, white calla lilies which was wrapped 
in a beautiful lace fabric and embellished with a beautiful broach. 
I just loved the idea of the boat for the gifts and the cup cakes. 
We thoroughly had fun and we wish Alex and Matt 
a wonderful married life together. 
Susan it is always a pleasure to work with you!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Brooke and Andrew's Wedding

It was a fun wedding to design for Brooke and Andrew. 
When it came to colors they chose both, a white wedding 
and adding pops of colors for the bridesmaids.  
Brooke carried a beautiful cascading bouquet with all 
White Phalaenopsis Orchid which was wrapped by strands of bling. 
The ceremony was at NTC Promenade North Chapel and reception 
overlooking the San Diego Bay at Admiral Kidd Club. 
The reception had orchids shooting out of the centerpieces. 
We had the wonderful opportunity 
to work with Wedding's of a lifetime by Christy Gowdy. 
It is always a pleasure to work with you Christy!
A huge thanks to1Look Back Photograph, 
Pink Star Design and  CloudBreak Films. 
We wish Brooke and Andrew a wonderful married life together! 

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