Tuesday, August 28, 2012

White Tulips

I love tulips alot. As a designer I love to play with flowers 
and twist them in different shapes.
Tulips are perfect as they can follow the sun 
and stand tall or cascade elegantly. 
When in full bloom they are majestic and elegant.
With a perfect touch of white and green 
these beauties are a must have for any event.
For this table setting we used these gorgeous white tulips 
to create an elegant long table
This setting is perfect for a head table, elegant, lush and modern.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Feature/Guest Blogger on Burnett's Boards

 Recently we had a wonderful opportunity be a guest blogger on Burnett's Boards
You can take a look at the link here  http://burnettsboards.com/2012/08/sail/
Thank you Sara for being so wonderful to let Nitin 
be a guest blogger on your lovely Blog

Sail Away

"I say It's all about the experience"
To be wed on a yacht is a wonderful memory to make"

Amazing sunsets, 360 degrees view of the city, crisp blue skies are just few of the
 many reasons you might want to consider this option. The fleeting thought of having 
a wedding on a boat is exciting; an experience that is very appealing to couples. 
It's all what you dream and more. 
It's the epitome of romance where you hold hands and look
into the horizon and dream of your futures together. 
Seems a little corny, but its not. 
Take it from someone who has been on many cruises.

To dig a little deeper into details, based on your guest list, you can choose a boat and 
have an intimate wedding where you can exchange vows in the presence of your family
or choose a luxurious yacht, invite 300 of your closest friends and have a gala 
celebration. Most boats come equipped with a bar, seating arrangements, 
ceremony and reception areas, and a dance floor. 
There are a lot of yachts and boats out there that can complement your personality.
You can even transport your guests to the Victorian Era... or have a simple wedding.

The options are endless when you think about it and without a doubt it will 
exceed your expectation by leaps and bounds.

Getting married on water has its own benefits. Having a wedding on a yacht 
or boat is truly a luxury. You not only want your family and friends
 to be a part of your special moment but also want them to enjoy it right?
 So giving your guests an experience they won't forget is a luxury in itself. 
Picturesque 360 degrees views, birds flying back home and sunset
bouncing of the tall sky scrapers- I can go on and on...

When it comes to decor, all you would need is eye catching statement pieces 
be it floral or lounge furniture and you are set. For your reception you can choose 
from finger foods to cake shooters which are perfect for a brunch or have a 
exquisite feast while you watch the crisp blue waters and the blanket of the stars. 
I call it "Dancing with the Stars".
Depending the time of the year and location, and f your lucky, 
you can also see a school of dolphins swim by your boat.

To sum it all up- "I believe it's all about the experience!"

Tip: Before just diving into the idea, go on a simple dinner cruise to see how you feel
about the experience. Furthermore, if you have motion sickness 
I would not recommend this for you!"

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Janet and Dan's Wedding at The Crossing

We had a wonderful time designing this wedding 
for Janet and Dan at The Crossing.
Janet carried a bouquet with exquisite cymbidium orchids and roses
which we embellished with a beautiful ribbon. 
The elegant ceremony was on the beautiful lawn with 2 lush 
arrangements full of roses and orchids.
The reception continued with bright hot pink roses,
lovely long orchids and elegant hydrangea blooms.
The sweet heart was adorned with a signature
designed floral with clusters of roses blooming out
and cascaded with orchids. 
Thank you Cecilia(Dan's mom) for letting me apart of 
another celebration in your family. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paradise Point Resort 

A video I made from the phone and it came out fine.
I think I might be posting more video like this.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Bright Pave Style Centerpiece

Pave is one of the most exquisite styles 
that you can incorporate in your event.
And more over it will go with any theme you select, 
be it a classic elegant white wedding or a bright and 
vibrant table setting like this one we put together.
We used vibrant color roses like red, pink, yellow and paired them
with one of our blush pink linens and exquisite gold lace.
We wanted to make this setting rich and opulent so we paired 
the floral with some lovely floral print plates and gold flatware!

A perfect way to start of this week!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Jamie and Graham Wedding Part 3

The 3rd and final post from Jamie and Graham's wedding.
Today its all about the reception.
The bouquet that Jamie carried is to die for.
Purple vanda orchids makes this bouquet exquisite.
A combination of lavender roses, fluffy hydrangea blooms 
and purple tulips were used in the arrangements.
We made a cake riser for that was fully blinged out.
We had an amazing time designing this wedding for 
Jamie and Graham and we wish them a wonderful 
married life.
Thanks to Marlo Yoshimoto Photography for the 
wonderful images.!!!

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