Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marie Antoinette theme centerpiece | Floral Gown | Couture Centerpiece

One of our clients asked us to design a centerpiece that was french
inspired and Marie Antoinette perfectly fit the bill.
My initial instinct was to search Pinterest and design the exact opposite.
(You can check out some of my pins HERE )
Instead of designing the usual florals with teapots 
we used a bustier and created a couture floral gown for a centerpiece. 
You can check out the time-lapse of how we created 
this lovely couture piece HERE
It bring all the elements of French inspired, Marie Antoinette,
Couture all in one piece!
It is a perfect option for a bridal shower or even a wedding!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Modern Green Centerpiece | Pave Style Centerpiece | Green Centerpiece

If you have been following me on Instagram (if your not, you should HERE
you would know that a couple of weekend ago we designed a 
lovely engagement party. We designed 2 different style of centerpieces
for the party, one being a pave with green roses, calla lilies 
and hydrangea blooms to add a modern yet sophisticated look. 
Second style of centerpiece with vibrant
green pomedors to intertwined with lily grass.
two simple options yet very modern and clean. 
I recently blogged about the pave style centerpiece.
You can check it out HERE.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Black and white wedding design | Black and white wedding decor

Black and white designs are fabulous and chic!
Adding a touch of red makes the whole design glamorous!
Beautiful clouds of white hydrangeas and roses floated majestically
on black candelabras that were embellished with hanging black
crystal jewels. Every pillar candle with embellished with black lace.
We added a white rose linen, chargers, table numbers,
and napkins from our personal collection.
The beautiful bride carried a lovely red bouquet with
 all roses and deep red calla lilies.

You can check out more pictures from this wedding HERE.
If these pictures don't speak for themselves, check out the video HERE

Vendor Love:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blush Tall Centerpieces | San Diego Wedding Florist

When you walk into a reception most guest look for that wow factor.
Something that can blow your mind away.
 For example, A fabulous and opulent design
(not only floral but also the whole design of the event),
 to see something unexpected, a non recurring theme are a few to mention.

I am partial to floral (and always will be)
so I tend to lean to a more tall and opulent design.
We used a clean tall vase with hanging crystals and orchids with
peach roses, soft pink and hot pink roses and a splash of blush roses.
We added gold sequin lace linen, gold chargers and
gold flatware from our personal collection.
We will be designing almost 40 of these beautiful centerpieces
for a wedding thats coming up soon.
So now imagine your guest walking into a ballroom with 40 of
of these beautiful centerpieces which will blow their mind away!

Cannot imagine?
I will post pictures on my Instagram be sure to check it out HERE.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Blush Centerpiece | Tall Centerpiece

These lovely blush roses paired with pink roses are lovely combination 
for a wedding. This combination would be perfect for any time of the year,
be it spring, summer or winter, its a classic combination.
Orchids give a dramatic flair to this centerpiece.
I love Gold...Alot. 
It brings the fabulousness to any event.
One of the many reason I love gold is it adds warmth 
to the table setting. We used gold crinkle linen from our 
personal collection with gold chargers, gold napkins and gold stemware.

Looking for understated elegance?

Pair this centerpieces with a lovely white or silver 
linen, white chavire chairs and chargers. You would hit 
it right out of the park.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pink and Peach Centerpiece

The peach roses scream summer to me.
I have always wanted to design a wedding with this combination.
Its vibrant and subtle at the same time.
And finally I got my wish last year.
(This setting is from last years wedding)
Before the wedding I got this idea of adding multiple
pieces on one long table to see how it would look.

For this setting instead of placing a single centerpieces or 2
centerpieces of the same size on a long table, we added
multiple pieces in different sizes.
We used a gold rosette linen from our personal collection with
gold chargers and flatware.

Let me know what you think?

The link for this actual wedding with this
color combination is HERE and HERE

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