Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beautiful Blue Bouquet.  

Cool blue roses and hand wired dendrobium orchids 
makes this beauty the perfect accessory to walk down the aisle.
This bouquet is wrapped with a beautiful lace and 
embellished with a simple and elegant broach.
If your looking to walk down the aisle with a stunning 
and striking bouquet, I have the perfect one for you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vanda Orchid Bouquet.

I am officially in love with Vanda orchids.
These purple orchids are exquisite. 
These beauties paired with green cymbidums and roses 
embellished with an fabulous broach
makes this bouquet absolutely stunning! 

Tip: Many clients ask us for purple flowers, and they are few to mention.
Purple lizianthus, purple vandas, purple tulips that are always in season.
Flowers like purple hydrangeas, anemones, are not quite available year round.

Pairing flowers like lilac, lavender roses, freshia will give a beautiful
contrast to the bouquet and make it look elegant and beautiful.
My 2cents! Happy Planning!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Head Table.

Feast or Head table can be a statement piece at your wedding!
We set this table up with 3 tall centerpieces with white 
hydrangea blooms, mini roses and a splash of soft lavender roses. 
We designed the same table with a shorter centerpiece
with the same lovely combinations which you can see HERE .
A beautiful dainty gold lace on the head table screams elegant.
Here is a combination of gold lace with silver satin linen.
This is a combination which many might think is just too much,
on the contrary I believe, the more the details and opulence
 the more you will leave a lasting impression imprinted 
in the memories of your guests.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Peonies and Pearls.

Looking at these pearls and peonies, I miss the 
abundance of peonies during early spring.
I still do spot a few of them here and there now and they are lovely.
These gorgeous peonies in full bloom are simply majestic.
Perfect for a bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony.
The bouquet has the perfect amount of green cymbidiums
paired with soft pink roses and pearls.

Imaging you standing under a gazebo exchanging vows 
with hundreds of the gorgeous hanging fluffy white and pink peonies.
Dream away!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Something Blue to walk down the aisle.

If your looking for something blue to walk down the aisle, 
I got that something blue for you!
How about a beautiful bouquet with blue roses, blue orchids,
lavender roses and fragrant gardenia wrapped to make a simple 
yet stunning bouquet.

Tip: Monaco blue is a rich and strong color that having 
a bouquet with only blue roses would looks like splat of ink 
on your dress. So we paired these blue roses roses with gardenia 
to make it elegant and beautiful.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Lush & Opulent Syrian Wedding.

We felt right at home designing this wedding 
for Lina and Mohammad.
Lina wanted a opulent stage that had beautiful flowers, 
lounge and lovely gold chandelier. This was right up my alley.
(In middle eastern weddings the stage that seats the couple 
is of prime importance as its the only place where most of the 
pictures are taken. So the stage must be opulent and fabulous) 
We used a white lounge with gold details from our collection, 
a gold chandelier with tear drop crystals and peach roses.
4 Tall arrangements graced the stage with lush hydrangeas,
full open roses and orchids.
Lina carried a bouquet with Juliet's( garden roses in peach),
stephanotis embellished with pearls and soft pink mini roses.
A very simple and elegant bouquet!
We used tall candelabras in gold with peach roses, soft pink roses 
with hanging pearls and crystals for the centerpieces.
A lush log and low arrangement graced the sweet heart table with
roses and orchids. We used linens, chargers and gold chiavari chairs
are from our personal collection to design this wedding!
The cake from Fab Cake was amazing. 
Look at it, ts simply beautiful!
Wedding Elegance by Nahid beautifully planned this wedding
for the lovely couple.

Thank you Lina and Mohammad for letting us be a part 
of your special day. It was wonderful to work with you!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yellow Bouquet

This bouquet is so lovely and bright. 
Yellow is such a fun color and it always makes you wanna smile.
Simple yellow roses and cymbidium orchids, makes this bouquet 
perfect for a fall wedding.

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