Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rainbow Roses

Its no secret that we love color here at ArtQuest.
The other day we received these gorgeous multi colored roses
and we couldn't wait to design.
We set up a table with these gorgeous rainbow color roses
paired with our gorgeous sequin lace linen from our private collection.
Of course we had to use some hanging crystals to the design.

TIP: Many want a different wedding, something unique, may be 
a style, a color combination that is unique, these rainbow color roses
bring that something extra your looking for.

Think its too much, how about using these multi colored roses at
your place card. Leaving your guests imagination to run wild 
before they enter the wedding reception.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lovely white wedding

One of the most lovely weddings we design last year.
Alyssa and Sal's wedding took place at the 
Marriott Del Mar and Immaculate.
When Alyssa said she wanted an all white wedding, 
I was so happy!!!
(I love white weddings, though I am from India and 
love me some color but there is something 
about white wedding that I just love)
Lovely white peonies, and garden roses and gardenias 
embellished with lots of bling made this bouquet one of our 
all time favorites. Beautiful white floral with white roses, 
hydrangea blooms, calla lilies, and tulips was
paired with our lovely white linen.
Congratulation Alyssa and Sal.
It was a privilege to be a part of your wedding! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentines is around the corner!

I am a hopeless romantic and holidays like Valentines 
just takes it to another level. Holidays like Valentines gives 
us an opportunity to create wonderful memories. 
For many many years Red has been "The" color.
However over the past few years, many have drifted towards pink.
We designed this table with a combination 
of different shades of pink to create a romantic setting.
Lovely white hydrangea, soft pink roses, and tulips 
paired with gold flatware and glassware is a 
perfect combination for a romantic dinner.

TIP for the Guys: Dress well this valentines! 
Put some thought into what your going to wear. 
As much as she would love those flowers, jewelry and that 
romantic dinner, you dressing well will sweep her of her feet!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Floral Handbag

Now I bet every girl would wanna carry a floral bag.
Today, I'm going to show you how to make them.
Lets jump right into it.

Things you would need

1) You would need a floral form
2) An old wire
3)Old fabric to wrap around the form
4) Hot Glue
5) Corsage pins
6) Mini roses from your garden.
How to make a floral bag

1)Cut the floral form into the shape of a bag.
2) Since the form is pretty sturdy you can insert 
this thick wire in the form. 
Just so the wire does not come apart use hot glue to 
glue to wire to the form.
3) Wrap the bag with some old fabric.
I used a piece of old satin fabric.
4) Wrap the handle (the wire) with a ribbon
5) To add some extra something something,
I blinged out the handle.

6) Apply hot glue on the bag and star gluing the roses.
7) Just so the roses don't fall use corsage pins
to hold the roses to the form.
8) Glue roses on the side and the top on the form.
You don't have to add roses at the bottom of the bag.

                                                            Ttaada the bag is done.

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