Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Time Classic Bouquet

This is an all time classic bouquet with a twist. 
I don't anything you can ever go wrong carrying an all 
White Bouquet with a tough of blig and some feather. 
To wrap up the bouquet an Antique Broach from your 
Grandmothers closet will easily do the trick.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anh & Tony's Wedding

When we meet with Anh and Tony they
 had a clear Vision of what they wanted. 
Wonderful couple who wanted 
The Best for their wedding!
Both of them were so involved in the wedding, 
Gosh I had no words to express.
The invitations were designed by Tony, 
How Amazing is that!!!
This was a wonderful wedding for 
Anh and Tony 
and Chaz Cruz did an Amazing Job 
with the photography.
I wish Anh and Tony the most wonderful
 things and wish them a Happy, Joyful 
and Prosperous life together. 

We had Wonderful opportunity to work 
with wonderful vendors
Photographer: Chaz Cruz Photography

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tea Party

So this Tiny Little Girl who is barely 
3 decides she wants a Birthday Party and 
have fun with her family and friends.
 ZB her mom decides why not have a 
Alice in wonderland themed party for her 
with some Tea Pots and Cups. 
We used Soft Pink Roses and Mini Spray 
Roses and created these cute little florals
 in a Tea Pot and some Tea Cups. 
I thought why not set up and table with 
some Macaroon and  Creme Brulee for 
myself and JUST PRETEND.
(it was just an excuse to eat them nothing else).

Monday, March 28, 2011

Will & Maya's Wedding at LJWC

Maya was a Beautiful Bride and she was 
so so nice, that I have no words to express. 
She wanted a simple and pretty wedding 
at the Immaculata and LJWC.  
Will and Maya made a wonderful couple
 together and we were honored to be a party 
of a wonderful celebration.
We wish Maya and Will all the Joy, Happiness 
in the World.

A Huge Thanks to Julie Buchta Davis Photography 
who captured these Amazing photographs. 

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