Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rose and succulent bouquet.

I love succulents. They have so much texture 
and can blend so wonderfully in bouquets. 
I wanted to tie in the classic look by wrapping
the bouquet with lace and embellishing it with 
2 lovely broaches.
Its got a mix of the classic yet bohemian, wild look 
with the succulents and calla lilies. 
This bouquet would be perfect for a garden wedding!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Elizabeth and Zach's Wedding at NTC.

A lovely white wedding to start of the week.
This is Elizabeth and Zach's wedding we designed 
with white hydrangea blooms, full open roses 
and phalaenopsis orchids.
Elizabeth carried a red rose bouquet with calla lilies
embellished with a beautiful broach. 
We used rustic urns for the ceremony with orchid 
cascading to give a beautiful elegant look.
At the reception we used black candelabras to 
give a rustic yet chic and elegant look for this wedding.
The candelabras were embellished with black jewels.
Beautiful white rosette linens from with black chargers from 
our private collection adorned the tables. 
Candle light is very important and so to give that extra 
special touch we wrapped every 
pillar candle in exquisite black lace.

Christie Gowdy from Basic Black Weddings and Events planned this 
wedding beautifully. You must check out their website 
as she recently re-branded.
Its always a pleasure to work with you Christie. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blue Bouquet.

Looking for something blue to walk down the aisle.
How about hyacinth and anemones?
These beautiful spring blooms are vibrant and will give you that 
Monaco blue that you are looking for.

Don't want an all blue bouquet. How about going half way??
How about having half your bouquet be white with beautiful white roses
and half be with in blue with hyacinth and anemones?
When it comes to design I like to give it an edge.

Have a Fabulous Day! 


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Phalaenopsis orchid.

These orchids are simply magnificent. 
We used plethora of these phalaenopsis orchids to design 
this table. These lovelies are so vibrant and beautiful
How about I paint you a visual walking
down the aisle with these orchids.
Can't imagine. Take a look HERE 
Isn't the wedding just fabulous!!!

We paired this vibrant centerpiece with one of our 
amazing sequin blue and gold linen.
Have a fabulous day!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Floral Handbags.

These floral purses are perfect for the fashionista in the bridal party.
Something different for bridesmaid or a flower girl.
Cute and adorable these purses look lovely as an accessory on
a flower girl instead of a traditional bouquet or a basket. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Timeless classic white wedding bouquet.

It's been a fabulous holiday season and I'm back now after a nice 
mini vacation. I enjoyed every single bit of the holiday season.
From shopping, eating, meeting friends and family and lot more. 
I missed home(India) though a little 
bit but California will always be home to me!

We started this year with a big bang, a beautiful fabulous wedding!
I will be posting details soon. For now, a timeless classic white bouquet 
from this past weekends wedding. The bouquet had gardenia and white roses 
which was embellished with feathers, lace, bling and a fabulous broach.
Who said you can't have it all???


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